Born out of a love for wellbeing

Etanics was born out of a new found love for wellbeing. My husband and I led a relatively active lifestyle in our younger years but found ourselves drifting away from this way of life as we became consumed with the 9 to 5 grind and raising a family. When we hit our 40’s, we suddenly found ourselves on the other side of being healthy, so we made a decision to change our lifestyle. This meant eating well, exercising regularly, sleeping well, and taking supplements. It was quite challenging in the first few months but we persevered and not before long, we started to see the benefits. 

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Our family members and friends noticed the change and were keen to know what we were doing. We became a source of knowledge for them on the subject of wellbeing. Part of the discussions included nutritional food supplements and their benefits. It was at this juncture we decided to create Etanics supplements. We felt we could provide ethically sourced ingredients that would provide nutritional benefits to anyone looking to include supplements as part of their healthy lifestyle.

All the products we manufacture of high quality, batch tested, certified in the UK, and safeguarded by the highest manufacturing standards in the world.

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Social value and sustainability

Etanics was founded on 3 core principles:

Firstly, to ensure we provide supplements that are manufactured to the highest possible ethical standards.

Secondly, to ensure that in doing so we are environmentally conscious. Therefore, our signature green bottles and gold bottle caps are 100% recyclable.

Last but certainly not the least, we are passionate about giving to charities. One particularly that is close to our hearts is providing succour to disadvantaged children. By choosing Etanics supplements as your preferred vitamins, you are not only benefitting your own health, but also helping benefit the lives of others.

Mission Statement

People are more health conscious than ever before, Etanics is on a mission to help people live a healthier lifestyle by offering a range of affordable nutritional supplements to help complement a healthy diet.